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What is a Brahmin?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Under the Indian caste system, a Brahmin is a member of the highest caste. Priests and scholars are classified as Brahmins, and members of this caste have traditionally been figures of veneration and respect. The high ranking caste has traditionally held a great deal of power over Indian society, with many laws and social norms being instituted by the Brahmins. This may have been an act of self-preservation on the part of early members of the caste, although it was probably justified by arguing that Brahmins were highly educated and thus able to interpret the will of the gods accurately.

The caste system in India is governed by a series of Hindu texts known as the vedas. According to the vedas, someone's place in society is dictated by his or her varna, or caste. Allegedly, the varnas represent different aspects of God, with each varna being broken up into several jati, or communities. The Brahmins have two main jatis, representing North and South India, along with an assortment of smaller communities. A Brahmin would have been historically expected to marry within his own jati, thus solidifying and maintaining caste power.

As the most educated members of traditional Indian society, Brahmins advised kings for millenia.
As the most educated members of traditional Indian society, Brahmins advised kings for millenia.

Initially, someone's caste was based on their life and religious education. As the caste system evolved, however, caste came to be hereditary. Part of this trend was brought about by members of the Brahmin caste, who encouraged this change in Indian society. Brahmins have traditionally been highly educated, and they have acted as priests, scholars, and teachers, passing down an oral tradition as well as a written one.

In the Hindu caste system, Brahmins are priests and scholars who study the sacred Vedic texts.
In the Hindu caste system, Brahmins are priests and scholars who study the sacred Vedic texts.

The high levels of education among the Brahmin caste led to a natural tendency to respect and honor members of this caste. Although the Brahmins may have been a minority historically, they were a very important part of Hindu society. Priests perform a series of rituals throughout their lives as well as daily, and there are numerous situations in Hindu society in which a priest is required, such as weddings and funerals.

Even though the caste system is defunct, priests are still referred to as Brahmin.
Even though the caste system is defunct, priests are still referred to as Brahmin.

Reforms in India during the 20th century led to a change in the way that the caste system was administered. Modern India allows much more mobility in society and between castes, encouraging a more free and open society. A priest is still referred to as a Brahmin regardless of caste, and many priests are also members of this historical caste, since their families are steeped in religious tradition and culture.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Ever since she began contributing to the site several years ago, Mary has embraced the exciting challenge of being a CulturalWorld researcher and writer. Mary has a liberal arts degree from Goddard College and spends her free time reading, cooking, and exploring the great outdoors.

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Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Ever since she began contributing to the site several years ago, Mary has embraced the exciting challenge of being a CulturalWorld researcher and writer. Mary has a liberal arts degree from Goddard College and spends her free time reading, cooking, and exploring the great outdoors.

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Discussion Comments


In this so called modern world of 21st century, in India, it has become a joyful practice to blame and curse/hurt the Brahmins and holding them responsible for every handicap/woe suffered by castes other than Brahmins. This is a fallacy since the holy Hindu scriptures like the vedas etc., are believed to be the voice of God (as it could not be proved otherwise) and their injunctions were followed by Brahmins as also by other castes. If the scriptures held the Brahmins in high esteem it is not their fault.

At any given point of time in the past, if the other castes were unhappy with the Brahmins, as also if they didn't have faith in the scriptures, having felt it is the creation of Brahmins, they were free to become atheists/embrace other faiths so as to be free from the dictates of the scriptures. They did not do it for whatsoever reasons. Therefore, the other castes were equally at fault because since they believed the scriptures and followed them on their own accord.

The only education available at that time, was the spiritual teaching of religion as per the vedas and smrithis and puranas'. These had specifically allotted different functions to different castes and in the process, learning of scriptures were denied to some class of people (castes) as per the injunctions of the sacred books. But once the western education came into picture people are now free to learn any branch of education as it does involve karma theory or purity or lofty ideals preached by the Hindu scriptures.

Now blaming Brahmins for everything of the past and the resultant present ,is incorrect and faulty in logic. Actually, Brahmins are suffering in India owing to discrimination arising out of above factors and propaganda by other castes. Brahmins can be located separately if it can make the other castes happy as also the brahmins.


I am brahmin. Because we are Bepali and we have different culture traditional, language, dress, etc., so we are called brahmin.


Many a time, man has been born in high castes and low castes, but this does not make him great or low.

Having been born in a high caste, a man thinks himself to be great and being born in a low caste, he thinks himself to be low and pitiable. Both of these states of mind are wrong because many times, a man has been born in high and low castes. Hence, one should not be proud of having been born in a high caste and not feel low if born into a low caste family.

Greatness has nothing to do with high caste. Man becomes great because of his noble work, exemplary character and becomes loathsome because of his immorality and evil conduct. Thus, it is his conduct only that decides his greatness or lowliness.

Who does not know that high family born Ravana, Kansa, Duryodhana and others are censurable; whereas Metarya muni, Harikeshi muni and others, though born in low family, are venerable? Then, what is the importance of high or low caste?


The Hindu (body) has four communities: brahmin (head); kshatriya (arm); vaishya (belly); and shudra (feet). All four of these communities are hindu. We all are parts of one body. Without each part, our body is not complete. If we lost one part of our body, then we become handicapped.

The human body is the entire structure of a human being. The human body is considered so loving that God even wants to have it. Spiritual Yogis have found that after going through the 84 million species these souls get the most dignified human body. So it is the last step to explore God or to get the view of almighty father god.

We know that the soul never dies. It takes birth again and again. Just as we take new clothes to wear, the soul takes a new body and it is an infinite process. But the body we get in next birth depends on our karma that has been cited in Gita by Lord Krishna to Arjuna. We all here to perform our duties. Our actions make our destiny and nothing else. The result is in the hand of supreme power. Karma is the seed of the plant and if the seed is genuine, it must be fruitful.


All human beings are equal in the eyes of God. The human beings have only created the caste system. There are good and bad people in both high castes as well as low castes.

Ultimately, what matters to God is whether one is a good person or striving to become one or not.


Nobody is superior or inferior in this world. A person becomes superior or inferior by his own acts and deeds.

It is a fact that the Brahmins exploited non Brahmins for many centuries. Let Brahmins remember their ancestors' exploitation of the non Brahmins and educate themselves and others not to indulge in such things.

If they say they are superior to all the people and start to exploit others again, it is sure that the Brahmins would become the real Dalits in India and would face the same exploitation as faced by the non Brahmins in the past.

Brahmins have not come from Heaven. We all are born in this earth only.

I am really concerned about the poor Brahmins. Why should the poor Brahmins should be condemned/punished for their ancestors' mistakes? To accommodate injustice to poor Brahmins, there should be reservations to poor Brahmins or the reservation system should be based on the economical condition of the person/family.

We are here in this world to live together in harmony. Nobody is going to take his wealth and caste after his death. Do not blame any castes, religion, class of people. We are just human beings.


I don't know why I am identified as Brahmin. I am called a Brahmin since my ancestors followed the prescribed religious customs of Upanayanam, etc. It is unfortunate that no reservations for the so called Brahmin community in any area result in their working in private institutions with their intelligence even with low wages. It is not reasonable to blame Brahmins. All are requested to bear with them.


Brahmins should get a separate country in some part of the world with Sanskrit as the language. I think it will be a perfect country vibrating with goodness.


Is there a connection between the Brahmins and the Aryan invader hordes, and if so what is it?

Also, is there a connection between the Egyptian Ra, and Ram, Rama, Raja?

-- MM.


I am a 53 year old staunch Brahmin. I have been supporting eight Brahmin students to build their career. By next year, my children will complete their studies. Then I will donate whole of my income to help the needy Brahmins. I request all the Brahmins to help the needy Brahmins as they do not get any help from the government.


@ anon231645: I completely agree with your statement. This is the right time to show the real meaning of equity to our nation by removing the entire caste and reservation system.

Please make a note that India is a democratic country and each citizen should be treated equally.


The brahmin community has been one of the dirty communities which has planned strategically to fool people in the name of god by generating the highest donations in the temple, doing business to fool and loot money in the name of puja, death, marriage, new home... For any occasion, there's one puja. They charge very high prices and take away all the items after the puja. They have created prostitution in the name of devadasis. They suppress jobs and employment and welfare and equality are destroyed. they have destroyed the Indian medical system. They have killed Indian medical science like siddha vaidhyam and created ayurveda and carnatic music by destroying dravidian music. Even today they have the temples under their control. They say they don't like untouchables, but they have always been sexually harassing low caste women.


The post is entertaining, but not based on true facts. For a car to function, the engine and tyres are equally important. We cannot say the engine is more important than tyres. Similarly, the Bramins and other varnas (castes) are equally important for the smooth functioning of the society. When this caste system was designed, there were no institutions and no formal schools. In fact, there was no money, either. It was essential to create and preserve a specialized environment. Arranged marriages are result of this attempt to preserve the environment.

Imagine you were born in a Kshatriya family, where your father is Kshatriya, your mother is Kshatriya, your maternal/paternal uncles/aunties are Kshatriya, your neighbors are Kshatriya, your friends are Kshatriya and all your life, you have heard only about using swords, spears, bows and arrows, courage, eating healthy, war strategies and all those things related to security. Your mind is bound to be molded to a Kshatriya dharma. People from all four castes were working for a king within a kingdom.

Bramhins were seekers who had mastered subconscious ways and understood universal concepts. Besides seeking truth, they performed key functions of the society such as weddings. Also, they were responsible for educating people from other castes. However, to make it easy for people from other castes to understand they how they functioned, they created a universal concept into a humanoid God with distinct characteristics. E.g., Bramha is the creator of universe. "GOD" stands for Generator (Bramha), Operator (Vishnu) and Destroyer (Mahesh). So in scientific terms, Bramha is the Big bang, Mahesh is the Big shrink, and the journey of universe in between is Vishnu. Since Bramhins were using their subconscious mindd to explore and express, they were very creative, which resulted in creating all texts (e.g. vedas) as Sanskrit poems. It is their powerful imagination that led to creating such meaningful humanoid GODs. There is no one "God" in Hinduism. All 33 million "gods" are actually scientific concepts encapsulated for common people to comprehend in their everyday language. --LeoJr.


Brahmins are the so called forward caste of India. They have earned money and power by cheating the kings in the name of god. reservations in jobs was enforced on the Indian society by these people. They have enjoyed 100 percentage reservation in many good jobs for centuries. Now, these predators are shouting against 20 or 30 percent reservation. I am not a brahmin and I don't use the reservations, but it should be given to the people who are affected by the caste system. Highest caste? Not hardly.


Why don't we discuss about Padayachis or Vellalars and what they do? Just because they can't compete with a Brahmin in terms of brain or physical power, these people have multiplied like insects and then get physical abilities, and follow it with trying to claim democracy of numbers and ask for reservations when they can't beat a brahmin in brains. Most of these people don't live in India anyway, so why do they bother about brahmins or anyone else?


Seriously what do you mean by upper or lower caste? Since many people long before have used those terms and even now you want them to exist? I am a Brahmin, but I really don't like to be, so I just want to lead a normal life like other caste systems.

I don't like to be so devoted to god for no sense and don't like to dominate people saying I'm a Brahmin, so I have first preference. That's the stupidest thing. There are so many idiotic beliefs that don't allow people to live a free life of one's choice. Is this all needed in the 21st century? Come on, please don't roam with horns on your head. I don't say Brahmins are bad, but the rules and attitude they carry are of no use. It is just a waste.


I am a brahmin and proud to say that I am a brahmin. Others have the right to say and live on the earth. We also have the same right and same strength to fight with anybody. Only jealous other people criticize brahmins. Nobody should call their caste names, the law says. But if you call the caste brahmin and say bad words against them, then you are also punishable under law. This will come very soon.


A Brahmin is not a Brahmin by birth, but by actions and deeds. If a "lower caste" Sudra can perform the duties and deeds of a Brahmin with the same austerity and devotion, then he/she is no lower than a Brahmin.

If you are born into a Brahmin family, that does not guarantee you liberation, but it needs to be earned through your own actions and not those of your foreparents.

The "caste system" is not a Hindu or Vedic philosophy, but a Western idea and conclusion when they did not understand the Eastern society and culture. Everyone had a specific role and duty to perform in order to ensure the survival of a people. It was only after arrogance and power crept in ages ago that people regarded it as a caste system, even the so-called Brahmins themselves.


All people who look down upon other people are the lowest caste on earth. If you have the power and wealth, it only means you have more responsibility to change the world into better for everyone, using your wealth (mental, financial) as your tools.


@anon283512: You said Brahmins should start a new religion. Why don't you do that? Let the rest of us live with Christians and Muslims and we will live peacefully. I am seeing it every day at the temple and music classes. These Brahmins are so cunning, and so prejudiced against non-brahmins, and most of the non brahmins parents are not voicing their opinions, and unfortunately most teachers tend to be brahmins but I must say there are a few exceptions.

It is people like you who infuriate me, so I am posting my views here. You are hiding behind a so called high caste brahmin (not), feeling false superiority over others. All non-brahmins must fight to remove the ignorance of brahmins by showing that all are children of God, none created superior or inferior.

It is our deeds that will determine our path to attain the divine world. I don't wish any harm on anyone (brahmins or not) but I will not stand by people who proclaim superiority by birth!


@anon289198: You stated "most of the Rishis were Brahmins" Did Rishis have castes? Aren't the saints free of castes!

I do know the real meaning of Rishi! A 'Rishi' is free from any caste. Did you know that? Don't just blindly, ignorantly state all Rishis are Brahmins.

Please do some research and you will find what and who is a Rishi.

So many posts here show their ignorance, false pride and superior attitude of being born in a Brahmin family. I hope and pray that India totally abolishes, walks past this caste/varna system, removes the reservation/quota system, which is unfair to the forward caste community.(I hope one day there are no caste divisions at all!)

I am from a forward caste (so called) family, but I work with an organization that promotes the welfare of all Indian citizens. We need a courageous, visionary leader to remove all caste/religious based laws in our system.


I see so much hate in these posts. What a disgrace!


Caste *is* based on heredity and no one cares even if it were not. The truth is every non-Brahman (Indians and other races alike) hate the Brahmans. Indian non-Brahmans do it out of jealousy. Others do it out of their hatred towards Indians. Dravidians, as a matter of fact, even say that "If you see a Brahman and a snake, kill the Brahman first."

Anyway, the Brahman-hater movement was started by Phule a non-Brahman. And almost all non-Brahmans hate us Brahmans. It is clear by their comments on various forums where Brahman-haters can spread their hatred with glee. I am a Brahman and even if the entire world hates me for my heritage, I will still be a Brahman.


@anon245946: Vellalars are not from backward castes or lower castes (whatever you call it). They are also a forward caste community (I hate caste division). The problem is Brahmins think they are the superior, only forward caste community who are above all others. This is the prevalent attitude even in America.

Brahmins did not give us the vedas, or Gayathri Mantra. Yes, they compiled the vedas, but it was written by Veda Vyasa (son of a fisher woman) and Sage Vishwamitra (gave the Gayatri mantra) was not a brahmin by birth. A Brahmin is one who attains the knowledge of a Brahman. You are not a Brahmin by birth.

All those who are so proud because you are born in a brahmin family should check themselves concerning how pride, discrimination and prejudice are barriers to attain divine knowledge. We need more divine souls like Bharathiyar, Swami Sivananda, and Bhgawan Ramana Maharishi who looked at humanity as one.

Today's Brahmin people are so prejudiced, often discriminate against other non-bramins, from music class to dance. So many of them are miserable creatures. I say this only due to their disgusting propaganda and attitude toward non-brahmins.


I have read some of the posts, and the attacks some of you Indians are making are totally bad-mannered. We all are Indians, and no one has the right to attack any other religion or caste, since nobody knows who invented this caste system.

But according to our traditions, we know that Lord Vishnu divided the people among some castes according to their birthplace from the parts of the body of Vishnu and of their work. Each living being is giving its contribution to the earth because it is the rule of shristi. Without that, the earth will be imbalanced, so never say that brahmins are useless.


I'm a brahmin. I don't support my caste, yet everyone should know who made the division. If brahmins only made these divisions, how do the other people accept their positions? There were no classification differences shown by brahmins in the early years. I'm not saying brahmins are superior, but I'm saying that brahmins can think wisely in drastic situations. Even brahmins obey the rules of kings. Somebody posted that due to brahmins only, the British invaded India, but it's not true. Brahmins don't have any power to operate, they can only give advice and the decision was made by the king only.

Moreover, Chanakya, who was a great scholar, showed his loyalty towards his king and his country. We (Brahmins) did make some of the mistakes in avoiding the spread of contagious diseases that leads to untouchables as we don't know the medicines to cure such diseases. At that time, they just thought about stopping the spreading of disease (prevention is better than curing). But some of the people who were brahmins who didn't know the main reason to avoid these people, followed it as a superstition. That is, the main mistake we made. Other than this, there is no reason to blame us. Somebody may say that only brahmins have the right to study vedas, but it's wrong. Brahmins don't eat flesh and other non-vegetables, so their tongues have the capability to twist for mantras. For that reason only are brahmins capable of chanting. Other people who don't eat meat can also study the vedas. Even in the old days, the brahmins also ate meat which was taken from the dead animals, but not taken from the animals which were alive.


Because of the selfishness of brahmins and mughals, the British took the advantage of converting people. Because of their baseless thoughts, our home people sold of their self respect to britishers and mughals.

Still now in some part of our nation, the caste system still exists, resulting in others taking advantage of our religion and land. Western culture is gaining a strong hold over the oldest culture of the world. This is a shame.


Brahmins are a highly selfish caste. Even in the religious texts they begged for their safety. They never resisted invaders or sacrificed for the nation as one, hence their population increased.

Here are some examples. When under foreign threat, they migrated from one part to other, fooling people. They grabbed clerical posts under the British, and learned English from people they had always insulted. This provided them an edge over other communities. Like Nehru becomes prime minister and Godse kills Mahatma. Ambedkar rightly said marry their girls and finish this. Most of the non brahmin Bollywood stars are marrying their girls.

There was no science in ancient India. Actually, it's a begging profession which has been glorified for personal gain. Even today they leave no stone unturned in keeping people fighting with each other, so that they can reap the fruits. They are exploiting everyone, and then boasting about a few leaders whose numbers can be counted on the fingers.

All Indians are one, and there is absolutely no reason for a brahmin to feel proud. In fact, they should feel ashamed for the stingy, filthy attitude of their forefathers.


I don't know what the hell is discussed about Vedas and the Brahmin community here. There is not a single mentioning of caste system in the vedas or the depriving of women education.

The caste system of the vedic period was merely based on the occupations and there were only four castes. Here the brahmins were blamed to be responsible for the caste system. But at present, there are 6,748 castes and sub-castes in India. Who do we blame for dividing the four castes into this many?

Dividing or encouraging the castes is the selfish act of politicians and some well-to-do people to meet their ends. I request you to first find out more about what is written in the vedas.

All the scientific and technological knowledge the world is enjoying today was the gift presented to us by the Rishis of ancient India, most of whom were brahmins.


The brahmins ran things 100 percent for 3,000 years, and the impact of that inhuman system will remain for another 10,000 years in every Indian's mind.

The idea was that like individuals in thinking and being, were in so and so class, and should marry accordingly, and follow rituals, social development, political and economical development to achieve humanity.

A few have to adjust. It's not a sacrifice at all because other classes have many different powers which they use for their betterment, which is impossible for many people. If you are real human you won't hate people. You are biased and selfish as is every Indian mentality today. It's a gift handed over from generation due to chaturvarna: be cunning and selfish in such way that no one will question you. Be on the top and people should worship you and promote your evil things. Always trust reality and facts.

If chaturvarna was very right and good why would be not the no. 1 nation in power and humanity? What we talk is just our biased nature-knowing reality. How far it is from humanity.


I don't understand what the role of a brahmin is.


I read the comments from people who are from their respective caste and creed. The caste system was framed by British people based on their job duties. It was they who treated people with inequality and this made the Brahmin community feel superior to the others. Even now, some Brahmins don't know what is the meaning and purpose of being a Brahmana. It's just because we worship god several times and don't eat meat, they think themselves as god's disciple, which is utter ignorance.

My GF mother asked me how could I love a Brahmin girl? So I should worship brahmin girls? I should treat them as your sister. She is an uneducated and uncivilized creature and doesn't deserve to be a part of living beings. It's my personal experience and not every brahmin is the same.


Brahmins should form a new religion in India, the better to separate from the Hindu religion where the sick worms of other castes and communities joined hands with the Muslims and Christians and are reaping all kinds of benefits, duly cursing Brahmins in this country.

We, the Trimatastha Brahmins (Followers of Shri Adi Shankaracharya, Shri Madhvacharya and Shri Ramanujacharya)by Birth should come together and form a minority religion, say Hindu-Sanatana Dharma, and fight against the injustice happening to us and for our rights.


I'm brahmin and I'm proud because when the kshatriyas were unable to fight mughals, then the brahmins took weapons in hand and fought with them. The brahmins have another sub-caste called brahma kshatriya and I'm one of them.


The majority of brahmins are following hindu culture sincerely without any doubt. Brahmins, even though they are preachers of Vedas, never converted other community people nor criticized. But other communities are not like that. They show their physical power, financially attractive, give incentives, and showing false love for attracting. Hindus should understand these facts and how others are trying to show their natakas from time to time.


Is it true that inter-marriages between Brahmins and non-Brahmins will not flourish because it goes against the edicts? I have personally come across such cases. MGR-V.N.Janaki, Kittappa-KB Sundrambal had no off-springs. Was it a curse?


This is all about what the Brahmani did in the past and now still we are doing good.


I am a brahmin by birth. Yes, I am proudly saying I'm a brahmin. From my observations from childhood, what I can say about being a brahmin is that a brahmin is an intelligent and important caste. It is true that some brahmins who didn't acquire spiritual knowledge perfectly created some sick systems like untouchability or something like that.

But I have to remind you all of one thing: we are the same people who also pray and follow the lines of those who are intelligent and deserve respect and also appreciate other castes that do the same. For example, Lord Krishna (who was born in a no-brahmin shepherd family), Valmiki (a sudra). If you go into the deep root of the vedas, what you will find is that casteism is wrongly understood. There is a line which says, "by birth everyone is sudra, by work he can be kshatriya and baisya and by acquiring the complete knowledge of this material world, purpose of life and god he is brahmana".

You all should be broadminded. You say that brahmins show you the face of inequality, but you and I all know you or the government do the same in reverse.

Some people ridicule the beliefs and the harmless way of living of brahmins. The government is using the reservation system (one of the most unfair systems) as a vote bank and they will never change it easily and majority of the non-brahmin also wouldn't let it happen. So who will be selfish then? Do you think this is fair or equality or humanity?

By the way, I don't believe in any caste or religion. I believe in humanity. I see black people, white people, Chinese, biharis, etc., etc., equally but the condition is they should have human hearts and they shouldn't be racist. Be human first. Peace.


Brahmins are in the most distressed condition. I have a friend who is a brahmin. His father is a daily worker. My friend did not get a free schooling facility as state school candidates (though they are from a well to do family). He didn't get a reservation facility, monetary help, an indira awas yojana facility, nothing because he was a brahmin.

But many state school candidates, even though they are from rich families, get all the facilities. In bank exams, my brahmin friend has to pay 450, but another friend of mine paid 50. So don't criticize them. Think prudently in the present scenario. Nobody comes here with caste written on their palms. It's the society which justifies it, and in most cases justice done is unjustified.


I am a brahmani. I have read all the posts and have this to say. When people attack us, they are attacking those devoted to a spiritual life, but all the hate is for materialistic reasons. Isn't that odd, because our duties are not materialistic, so I see a great deal of confusion in the thinking.

Our duties are to do yagyas for ourselves and others, to teach and study and to give and receive charity.

We also have to do austerities by having moral virtue. There is only so much time for everyone to do a job. Please stop the hating.


I am a brahmin myself and just want to say that though we are much less in numbers we have contributed so much in the nation's development and nobody can deny this fact.

We do not hate other castes, but we only want respect (not reservation) from others for what we have done. Brahmins may have misused their power in the past, but please look at the whole picture and their overall effect on Indian culture.


If caste is not an issue, why should anyone try to pass off him/herself as a brahmin by falsely adopting a brahmin name, unless they genuinely feel that brahmins are 'superior.'? This deception is unwarranted and unnecessary, and reveals hypocrisy.

I am not a brahmin, and don't believe in the superiority or inferiority of any caste, so why in the world would I want to pretend to be a brahmin when I am truly not? People need to stop being shallow hypocrites. This keeps caste-ism alive and well.


To many of the posters that make vicious attacks, please read history and observe the contemporary Indian society, instead of spewing propaganda against Brahmins.

Historically and even today, it has been mostly been the land-owning and traders castes that have physically and socially exploited and abused the lower castes, especially in states such as Tamil Nadu. In Tamil Nadu, the so-called 'backward' castes such as Vellalars, Mudaliyars, Cheittiyars, etc, tend to discriminate against the lower castes the most.

An overwhelming majority of social reformers in India have been from the Brahmin community. The brahmins are a convenient scapegoat for these landowning and trader castes, because they don't have the political power or numbers to defend themselves. In fact, much of the scape-goating is done by these very castes that abuse the dalits or lower castes.

I suspect that many posters here who condemn the Brahmins for their alleged atrocities are themselves from those land-owning and trader castes who regularly and virulently abuse the dalits and lower castes.


Brahmins are spoiling the entire nation. Because of them, we have no accountability and caste fanaticism became prevalent among the people. They're sick worms. People who are against brahmins should try to eliminate them from having media power in their respective state.


@All brahmins talking about reservations:

I completely agree reservations should be removed. But let's ensure that the spirit of social justice prevails.

It can be safely said that the caste system in India "solidified (inter-caste mobility restricted)" over the past 1,500 years. Assuming a generational gap of 20 years (average), that's about 70-80 generations (Pardon my maths as I am not a brahmin). So, for 75 generations, these people denied opportunities for learning, self respect and snatched away the humanity of lower castes.

So, as a mild reparation, I am not asking for too much. Why shouldn't the next seven generations (a mere 10 percent of what the victims have suffered), be denied any and all rights of citizenry? Fair enough, don't you think? 70 versus 7? Hmm. I would say it's a very good deal. Grab it.


Brahmin community is the self proclaimed intelligent community. They never contributed anything to the society. They are filling their stomachs from the labor of the other communities. Somebody cited the examples of Dr. Radhakrishnan and Rabindranath Tagoor and others. What are their contributions to the livelihood of poor Indian masses?

Recently, the Brahmins organized one ritual method in Mangalore, by which they make other caste people with bare bodies to roll over the banana leaf which the Brahmin has eaten from. Is this a civilized custom? But they are claiming that they are the champions of making a decent society.


I always see people saying brahmins are bad and they humiliated sudras and all that. First of all, we don't know what a brahman is. A Brahman is one who follows three rules in his life:

1. Respects all women like his mother.

2. Looks at others' money/materials like waste.

3. Looks at every life like his. If a person follows these rules, he is worth worshiping and does not need any caste certificate.

I see some people saying that brahmins ruined sudras for centuries, but at that time what were the assets besides land? They are of no use today and for your information, these brahmins have been ruined for last 60 years in the name of reservation and actually, these brahmins never saw those sudras who were humiliated centuries ago.

Now the same thing is being repeated in the opposite direction. If we are to be impartial, this is the time to bring the economic categorisation and supporting system based accordingly.


@anon81961: It looks you have been messed up by brahmins. Brahmins are the heroes of this nation who have sacrificed the most without any greed.

You are living in this country because of we Brahmins (Bamans in your words). You start counting and you will find the Brahman Ratans in every field. I will appreciate it if you reveal your caste identity.


Brahmins and the Vadic religion are inseparable, but Brahmins should first earn the real Brahminhood of self knowledge and give this knowledge to all other Hindus. The Shastra of Hinduism should be learned by all Hindus. It is true that Brahmins have authority for Shastra, but this is a very important heritage and must be preserved by sharing with all. Other castes should also stop reverse discrimination (i.e. reservation).


Brahmins are not selfish. They gave us a knowledge of Vedas, Purans, Upnishada, and many more. If they are really selfish, then why are they interested in educating people?

With karma, every human being works an allotment given by the Manu King. He wrote a Manu Smriti for only living in a society for good karma. Day by day, the situation got changed and some people felt they didn't have to do a work like that so they tred to escape from that kind of karma.

Brahmins are also human beings. They are not Brahmins by birth. We are all human beings. It's our choice to be a Brahmin, not a selfish thing. It's sharing a knowledge factor.


Brahmins are greedy crooks -- a selfish bunch of people who should deserve no respect in the Indian society. The only reason Brahmins are doing good in the society is because they get the opportunity and the low caste (sudra) do not.

If Brahmins are made to clean toilets or dump dead animals and are not provided education, they will be no better than Sudras. Let the Sudra be educated, let them be priests in the temples -- they will be no less smart than Brahmins! By the way, I am not Sudra, but of course, not Brahmin either.


A brahman is a person with great knowledge and wisdom that no other community could afford to gain, because the other communities are engaged in doing work to live and help others live. An untouchable has to clean all the gutters, dead animals, scavenging and sweeping the streets and cleaning of toilets,railway cabins and platforms -- all dirty work including removing of dead human bodies in the post operation theatre. He is contributing richly to the health of the society. If the untouchables stop working, one could think of a great epidemic all over the country. As he has been doing such basic and very essential work, he is considered an untouchable.

Coming to the contribution of the sudras, the lowest people of the indian society, they do all other productive works. They do the plowing, transplanting, weeding and growing all kinds of food from season to season, feeding the humanity. They carpenters, masons, goldsmiths and all other technical people are considered low because they are contributing to the society to survive. They learn all their knowledge from one another from day to day practical knowledge and experience without going to gurukulam of the wise brahmins.

Then above these people, the vaishyas, the traders, business people who are very necessary to buy and sell products and produces to the wider sections of society and thereby making their living. These are the three basic communities contributing to living a life.

The kshatriyas, the kings and the Brahmin priests claim to protect from enemy nations and wild animals on the one hand and from the wrath of god and devils on the other hand. You literally do not need these two sections that are born to loot and cheat the rest of the community. You can think of the politicians, lawmakers and the learned pundits and what have they do all these years for other sections of humanity. Who is high and who is low? Let their actions speak for themselves. Action and not rhetoric make life meaningful. Make your life meaningful in relation to helping and serving fellow human beings and not in cheating, manipulating and threatening and exploiting the fellow human beings. Do not try to argue and justify. Go deep into self introspection. And you would accept the truth in silence. M.Prabakaran.


@anon81961: I read your post. It was very interesting. I think you have been tortured by Brahmins 'Batmans' or your mother or your sister were tortured by Brahmins. Brahmins are are the super power of Hindustan and have always lead the society and are prosperous.

I don't know your caste, but you must be sudra or jat (also sudra). Keep your mouth shut. Otherwise leave this nation. You cannot compete with Brahmins in any area.

Brahmins are the real sons of india and have been shining for centuries and have sacrificed their lives and luxury for this country.


Any study or criticism of Brahmin community should be objective and based on sound historical facts, rather than personal bias or emotional response which will blur our vision, diminishing its value to naught.

This community, whether we like it or not (and under the present circumstances, we either like the community or hate it, there is no middle course) has become such an integral part of Indian history since antiquity that any emotional or sentimental reasons would be a wasteful effort. the enormity of response or reaction particularly against this community calls for a deep study and simply blaming this community for every evil now in society would expose the critic to short sightedness and ignorance of the historical process. You should know that this is not the only community/caste in India which enjoyed such power and influence over the society; it is a common phenomenon in all ancient societies, and you should also know that not much has changed even now, since even now a minority group (call it a party, coterie, lobby, junta or whatever), rule and they also have become a close-knit group enjoying unparalleled privileges.

We have to go deep into the processes of social development and the roles of ruling cliques and their allied groups who are supportive of such systems. With such historicity and antiquity, naturally, the brahmins have passed through ups and downs during their many millennia-old existence, and this is not the first time that it is facing the crisis and to its credit, it coped, nay, overcame the gigantic hurdles successfully. Do you know how? By adjusting to the circumstances which no other community can boast of.

Having said that, it must be admitted that so long as it adhered to a strict, disciplined way of vedic lifestyle, leading a pious life, with a love for learning, it was strong and vibrant. But the moment, they accepted the donations of land, they have started leading an easy life, are addicted to vices, and developing a distaste for learning, so they have fallen from grace. It is naive to say that the brahmin community is silly. There may be cases. Such a big and influential community would have assorted kinds of people in its fold.

This caste boasts of a galaxy of great men that hardly any other group of people can parallel except the jews. On the one hand, you have: Dronacharya, Parshuram, Yajnavalkya,chandrashekhar venkatraman, Rabindranath Tagore, Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Raja Rammohan Roy and Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, to name only a few as an illustration. But on the other hand, we have pujaris, pandas and purohits who are greedy, mean, cunning and have the tendency to cheat people in the name religion and these are precisely the people who have brought an ill reputation to the caste as whole. But they are only a small part of the caste.

However, the man on the street, recognises the caste on through these people. But to say that they are beggars is only an insinuation, though there is an element of truth in it, because the brahmins by and large, are averse to physical labor and are timid. But the time has come where the brahmins should realize that it is their moral degradation, aversion to physical labor, and a lack of proper effort to make their livelihoods through hard physical labor that are strong reasons for their downfall. A strong revival is needed.


When i see the ignorance and bias flowing from these posts, i feel the lack of logical thinking. About 80 percent of the the arguments either lack the foundational knowledge or are misconstrued or misinterpreted history and scripture.

Any professional can become evolved physically through generations of practice and way of life. Secondly, elitist theory is a reality, but stereotyping based on constructed relational logic is as flawed as saying the cat is as dangerous as the tiger.

Brahmins may have gained eugenic evolution, but a Brahman is defined as anyone seeking ultimate knowledge without harming other human beings, and the same applies to all varnas, professionals etc.

Political ground can be gained by swaying citizens, but little does one realize that the cost of such political ground could be more expensive in the long run. Sanskrit, Tamil, Hindi, English, any language can be made pure.

But remember, the purest language is silence. Never is anything pure by exclusion. Your pain is not pure because your legs don't weep for your legs, but your eyes do. One can argue, Indian, Tamil, British, one emperor's ambition does not make a nation's creed. Gandhi, or Nehru,or Kamaraj, Rajaji, or any one leader does not make this Nation, it is each one of us, together make a nation. Just make sure you keep your personal faith, view, belief, thought, action is such a way not to harm another human being, lest be it for your survival. This nation be it Hindu, Muslim, christian, Buddhist, Jain or any sub sect, has been resilient due to the amalgamate individuality that it is has offered to one and all citizens of this earth.

All lovers of life are my relatives, all of this world is my home.


Brahman is the only community in India, which is enjoying the lion's share of Indian independence by cheating the other local people.

These people belong to the Aryan sect, migrated from Central Asia, according to Max Muller and other historians. Normally the members of this community have an aversion to toiling, particularly in Tamil Nadu. Originally, agricultural lands were given to them by the Tamil Kings (Eg. Raja Raja Chola) and for so many reasons, those cannot be divulged. But other caste people should work their land as slaves.

By using this leverage, these people were having enough time to spend in studies, light arts like dancing, acting, etc. So they were able to occupy the bureaucratic posts right from the kings to modern rulers. During Independence, in all the states, they were able to become the chief ministers in India, because all other people were uneducated.

In Tamil Nadu, Rajaji, a Brahmin became chief minister, who introduced the kulak kalvi thittam, which forfeits the full time education for other caste people. In this way, he tried to eliminate the resistance for the Brahmans in education. But his aim was defeated by the Kamarajan uneducated, non- Brahmin leader in Congress, by throwing him out from chief-ministership. As a result, this Brahman community met its Waterloo in Tamil Nadu in education, employment, etc., except in the press, cinema, and TV.

Presently this community is taking revenge on Tamil culture (coloring the Thai Pongal as religious), Tamil language (introduction of grantha letters), Tamils (particularly Elem Tamils) by making use of the media.

Normally the Brahmans are teaching the ethics to others, such as "Sex and love are sin." While other caste people, the sentimental idiots, are following their preachings, the Brahmin members are not following those ethics. Their ladies planned and entered marriage relationships with the prominent local non Brahmin leaders.

For example, M.G.R. with V.N.Janaki an Iyer, Murasoli Maran with Mallika, an Iyengar and Sivanthi Adityan with an Iyengar Thiru Subrahmaniam Swamy, who is always lamenting that Hinduism is decimated in India by conversion.

But recently, his daughter Subhashini has got married with a rich musalman, by adopting Islam with her father's blessing.

Normally the posture of this people is gentle and kind. But if the situation required for their community interest (in the name of Hindu religion), they don't hesitate to assassinate even the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Other caste idiots are believing them, because Brahmins represent the Hindu religion. This right was assured by the Constitution of India, because the first Prime Minister of India, Nehru, was a Brahmin.


I am Brahman from India and I am proud about that but many Brahmans nowadays in India forget their traditions and roots.

I love to read stories about ancient stories of Indian technology like flying machines and weapons and all that. Actually my "gotra" is Bharadwaj. I think that's why I am so interested. I got too much knowledge about it. I urge the author of this article that please provide me more information regarding ancient Indian technology (war and flying machines, weapons). I am eager to read this. Thanks, Dhrumil B.


Even though I was adopted as an infant, my father was Brahmin and it was a double-edged sword. My birth parents were from different castes. Obviously, I could not stay with them, but in foster care, they still had to treat me like gold! It's patriarchal!


This helped me very much. thank you!


Brahmins are the exploiters of the society. They constitute only 3 percent of the Indian population but they enjoy a lion's share of Indian economy. It has been a great conspiracy by them to control other section of the society in the name of rites and rituals. The British left India, but a second British rule has been created by Brahmins.


The vedas mentions flying machines and battles fought in the air with rods of light, and aeroplanes of which once the engine was started it stayed running? zero point energy. They may have forgotten all the technology in the obsessional jockeying for position on the social ladder. My wife says she is brahmin but has a Portuguese name (nee). How can I tell? zee


I think that the brahmins maintain a distinctive social stratum. In a family level,the head of the family regulate some laws or rule which are essential for the proper functioning of their duties as members of the family as to the reputation, aspect and assets of the family name. In ancient India, before kings ruled, there must had been times where the people needed a sort of authority and a power which could control the behavior and conduct relating to the behavioural pattern of the common people.

Consequently, the brahmins must have established themselves, owing to their learned nature. It is to be thought that everything exists and comes to exist for reasons demanded by society and the culture of the people.

In one way, interpretation and drawing conclusions without synchronic and dichroic data base is a culturally biased opinion. Yours, subha


Exploitation by the Brahmins is a myth encouraged by the Church and British Raj. All the Christian Zionists. It is the fantasy of some, especially the cinema and TV.

Remember, the Brahmins have withstood without any money or reservations from the time of Indian Independence. Brahmins fought for Indian Independence. Brahmins are by birth but others may become a Brahmin by their karma. The first person to come forward for population control is a Brahmin. Sacrifice and patience are the hallmarks.

Whatever anyone says, Brahmins are here to stay for the betterment of the society. Whoever encourages, supports and stays with the Brahmins will be happy and prosper. Leadership, loyalty, grit, tolerance and vision are incorruptible. Love 'em or hate them. Everyone needs them.


Brahman, better I would say "Baman" is such a backward community and selfish community. They feel that they are the pillars of the nation, that they are the base of indian culture.

I would like to add they are the beggars. Earlier all bamans were begging and today also 60 percent of the bamans are begging.


For the people who think all the brahmin are been exploited because of no reservation or special quotes, people who are still following the rituals very strictly and people who have worn the scared thread which is the indication of patience, broadmindedness and people who have towed away the unwanted desire.

Please for a minute go back to BC or AD and think patiently using all your broadmindedness and philosophy, what would have been the situation of the "God's People" lower caste, who were exploited for decades and decades. Now it's time for them to enjoy their freedom so let them enjoy it to the core.

Then, for God's sake, fold your hands and look up. You can see who you believe as the supreme. Pray to him and ask him not to reverse, but to tie us all in one sutra (love) and two castes (boy and girl).

With love and care, suz.


I think the Brahmins have worked through the generations in a very selfish manner, wherein they have kept knowledge to themselves keeping the rest of the society impoverished. they have created an illusion of aura around them with their first hand knowledge of data and seeking reverence from the society. They are one of the main reasons of such a high percentage of illiteracy and non-education in India.

This has kept Indians from evolving into better human beings and intelligent society.

They kept certain professions to themselves, thus protecting their bread and butter. They are the so called knowledgeable lot and we wrongly revere them.


Brahman is hereditary as is caste. There is an X factor by which you can easily distinguish a brahmin. It is usually his choice of words (diction), god-fearing approach to life and knowledge of sanskrit and the vedas.

Just placing a brahmin surname doesn't qualify because your "svabhaava" or "human nature" doesn't change in such a way that you're "god fearing" or adhere to "clean habits".

This is all inherited from generations. Just like you cannot convert to hinduism (you're born as a hindu), similarly, you cannot convert to a brahmin. xyz sharma


The Brahman is a very importement part of indian society. Brahman society gives a wheel directions of indian society. many writers, and poets wear Brahman. many raj gurus of the anceint emperors wore Barhman, but today due to the bad policies of our polictical leaders, the Brahmans are suffering many problems in his indian society. but the Brahman is the Key of indian society, and the base of our society. Rajeev Kumar Pandey


What is this brahmin all about. From my point of view a brahmin is that person who is literate, learned and enjoy a life of his choice. It is neither hereditory nor by birth. So in today's world all persons are brahmin, irrespective of their caste, creed, etc., because all human beings are doing the same work as is done by normal pandits. So enjoy the life as you wish and forget about the caste and creeds because after death nobody remains anything. Anon-4762


Brahmins in india are now suffering from the importance in the government jobs.They are now paying for what they have done to the other people since the introduction of caste based system in the society. it is high time to ban manu smriti.


A Brahman is a person who develop his knowledge stage by stage. When a male child is born to the Brahman in B.C. 30,000- B.C 25,000 he first starts his ritual at 3. At 7 he is taught with Gayathri manthra and a sacred thread is worn by him. The combination of three threads are that 1) he should be Give up anger (Temper) and undertake Patient, 2) Should not be jealous and with broad mind, and 3) set aside the unwanted desire and obedience with the words of Guru that will teach him Philosophy.

After taking up this vow, he concentrates on Gayathri Manthra that will generate a vibration in him along with heat. This is the L.K.G. stage. when concentrating on self, the teacher teaches him the approach of Other vidyas, namely, Bhuma Vidya, Parajyothi vidya and so on which are 8 in Numbers and on final he stays in Sri Vidya that is the energy of seeing the universe as small as an ANU (The Atom) Now at this stage, he can see the universe within him. At this time only he is crowned as a *brahmin*. The person who knows the Brahma, the *universe* is identified as a Brahmin.

When this Brahmin knows Universe, automatically when he moves around, when seeing others he automatically combines his mind in to the universe and he can very well predict what is going to happen in the next couple of years and he can tell the remedy also.

This Brahmin was good till B.C. 1, when Buddhists and Jains penetrated in South, and started ruling the states.

These people were creed for money and wished to have power and as power mongers they felt they need money to buy the *group* of people.

For assembling the group they created the temple and started collecting money in the name of God in several ways one of which is Tula bhara where the man was asked to sit on a scale and weighed with gold which was offered to Temple. Kings also gave gold to the Temples.

In A.D. 1310 when Mallikaffore came to south India he went with 1000 elephants loaded with Gold ornaments. The glory on Brahmans faded when they turned in to money making shylocks.

The Vijaya Nagara Emperor enjoyed many ladies in the name of God for which a section of Brahmins cooperated so that they earned money.

But Saivas the worshipers of siva, kept mum and since they don't know the tactics to cover and Praise the Kings, the Siva temple didn't get much attention.

The Vaishnava temples lent money to the traders at the interest rate 50% per month to the chettiars who went for trading across the sea.

The kings also paid respect to the temple as it gave money to the kings too.

Even the English Government took money from Tirupaty temple which it didn't repay.

So the Brahmin lost his fame when he utilized his caste to threaten the Public.


hi to all who see this

caste is not hereditary, you can declare your caste on your own.

reasoning: caste was based only person's abilities and activities etc. so whatever Brahmins now are also a human beings and others who are not Brahmins also performs the acts of Brahmins and so it is.

just add any one of the surname of Brahmin's to your name and from the day onwards you are a Brahmin's.

i am enjoying the same

xyz bhatt

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    • As the most educated members of traditional Indian society, Brahmins advised kings for millenia.
      By: 001flyD
      As the most educated members of traditional Indian society, Brahmins advised kings for millenia.
    • In the Hindu caste system, Brahmins are priests and scholars who study the sacred Vedic texts.
      By: O'SHI
      In the Hindu caste system, Brahmins are priests and scholars who study the sacred Vedic texts.
    • Even though the caste system is defunct, priests are still referred to as Brahmin.
      By: snaptitude
      Even though the caste system is defunct, priests are still referred to as Brahmin.
    • Modern India allows much more mobility in society and between castes.
      By: polesnoy
      Modern India allows much more mobility in society and between castes.
    • Within a caste system, people are rigidly expected to marry and interact with people of the same social class.
      By: Elenarts
      Within a caste system, people are rigidly expected to marry and interact with people of the same social class.