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What is the Bermuda Triangle?

Garry Crystal
Garry Crystal

The Bermuda Triangle, or Devil’s Triangle, is the name given to an area of water between Bermuda, Miami, Florida, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Within this space, many planes and ships have mysteriously vanished. The mystery began in 1950, which a small article appeared outlining the strange disappearances of ships and planes in the area, and it was given the name the Devil’s Sea. In a feature in 1964, Vincent Gaddis christened the area with its most famous name.

One of the most famous disappearances in the triangle occurred in 1945. Flight 19 was a squadron of five naval bombers, all of which supposedly disappeared while flying over the area. The two planes that set out to rescue Flight 19 also disappeared and were never found. Naval ships such as the USS Cyclops and the Marine Sulpher Queen also disappeared without a trace.

The Bermuda Triangle is located off of the Southeastern coast of the U.S.
The Bermuda Triangle is located off of the Southeastern coast of the U.S.

Another disappearance was that of Donald Crowhurst, who was attempting an around the world voyage. A large ship carrying ore also mysteriously vanished in the area after only three days at sea. An official statement by the US Coast Guard states that repeated search attempts were made, but no traces were ever found of the missing planes or ships.

Popularity of the phenomenon reached a peak in 1974 with the publication of Charles Berlitz’s book, "Bermuda Triangle." At around that time, a film with the same name was also released. Many articles and books have since been published to try and give scientific explanations to the mystery, and some of the explanations have been more than credible.

San Juan, Puerto Rico, is one of the vertices of the Bermuda Triangle.
San Juan, Puerto Rico, is one of the vertices of the Bermuda Triangle.

The stretch of water where the disappearances occurred is notorious for tropical storms. Many of the reports at the time claim that the ships and planes were lost in calm waters, but weather reports checked since often do not agree with these reports. Also, the area of water under the triangle has large areas of methane gas eruptions. These eruptions create areas of gas that are incapable of supporting the weight of a ship.

The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle may never be solved.
The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle may never be solved.

Lawrence Kusche, a reference librarian at Arizona State University, conducted a lengthy investigation into the mystery. His conclusions cast doubt on many of the disappearances. Crowhurst’s diaries suggest that he was suicidal as he sailed around the world. An area of the sea off of Japan has the same strange magnetic elements as that of the Bermuda Triangle, and many disappearances have also occurred there.

Many of the incidents that have inspired the legend of the Bermuda Triangle have involved missing person reports, such as that of Donald Crowhurst, that have come up empty even after Coast Guard searches.
Many of the incidents that have inspired the legend of the Bermuda Triangle have involved missing person reports, such as that of Donald Crowhurst, that have come up empty even after Coast Guard searches.

There are also a number of discrepancies in the reports of the Flight 19 disappearance. The squadron was reported to have been manned by experienced pilots flying in calm weather. In fact, the flight was a training exercise for students and the weather had turned stormy. The last contact with the planes stated that they were running low on fuel. It's likely that the planes crashed, and no one could have survived the stormy seas.

For all Kusche’s credible explanations of the disappearances, one mystery remains: none of the crashed planes were ever recovered. As a mystery, the Bermuda Triangle is one that may never be solved. It is certainly an area that gives cause for concern to anyone traveling across it.

Discussion Comments


Is the Bermuda Triangle a square?


The Bermuda Triangle is a proof that god exists and he made this sea and the attraction force to show people his control and he exists.


The Bermuda Triangle, whether you agree or not, is an entrance into inner earth. The earth is hollow. The reason for the magnetic anomalies is due to the mode of travel in and out; a magnetic field is required to shift the massive weight of water to allow safe passage into hollow earth, which is habitable. The field is generated naturally by the earth. There are entrances also in Alaska and Antarctica.

I think many people have been living in their tiny little worlds and don't know what really goes on in this reality. The reason that they have never found any debris or wreckage suggests that they made it through to inner earth, and are likely still alive. If you observe autec military installation you will see a giant cable that heads down into the triangle. It is a communication line. This place is heavily guarded and the reason why "scientists" haven't solved it yet is because they're not allowed to; it is top secret due to what goes on down there and the nature of the people whop reside there. You would do well to investigate my words before replying with immaturity.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, they're still producing TV shows about the Bermuda Triangle, like they have any clue. They will never solve it unless they discover that it is indeed an entrance.


Some scientists say it's because of methane gas eruptions. Methane gas erupts into the water and lowers the density of the water, making it impossible to hold the ships. Also, the gas rises up into the air, and goes into airplane engines and causes them to blow up. Simple.


I really don’t think scientists know about it as. That’s why they don’t want to talk about it. Who are scientists anyway? I truly believe that there is apart of this earth where magnetic forces are intact. People would rather not talk about things they can’t explain because they will seem crazy. How do we know that there that air is all around us? People believe that because it’s what we feel and we must breathe it in. How do we know? It’s because we can put our hands to our nose and feel the pressure of something and we call it air.


Anyone else notice that they call it the Devil's Triangle when that actually is the name of an area of similar scenarios located just South of Japan.


Scientifically, the Bermuda Triangle has a magnet that pulls metal. That's why large cargo ships sank and one man survived. He was going to the Bermuda Triangle to die, but he came out alive and he was in a rowing boat.


The scientists should make a point of going into the Bermuda triangle. They should really solve this.


Think about this: what if the Bermuda triangle is a another world or something that those people didn't want to return from? Maybe it's a time warp. This is not imagination; this is serious talk. I mean like the Mary Celeste -- the ship came back but no one was on board. Really, I highly doubt that they would purposely leave their ship.

I guess someone should go in there and see if there's a way out or send a camera or something.


i feel we have go back to our old holy scriptures to break this secret.

I am sure it must be written in any one of the holy scriptures like the Quran and Bible.


I think scientists should try to go into the triangle.


All the scientists out there should know there is God the one who created Heaven and Earth. He knows everything, so seek Him because He has the answer to all things. It is not always about you discovering the unknown things. Come to Him. Ask yourself this question: who is in control of your breathing and that person is also in control of the bermuda triangle.


I think the Bermuda Triangle is the brain of earth. It is almighty.


I think this calls for a rationale that there is a higher Power that controls the earth.

Scientists must note that we appreciate their efforts in unraveling things that were considered mysterious for us. But denying the fact that there is a being who created this world is gross error. If that is not true, then the Bermuda triangle proves a point that there are things that are unsearchable, and that there is a being who controls and decides the affairs of men. You choose what to call Him.

This means that man must not live the way he feels like, and do what he feels like, knowing well that there is one who will call him to judgment according to his actions.


A lot of the people don't know much, talking about aliens and monsters and how there is a secret army base there. And why haven't scientists tried to figure it out? It's because it's not important at all. Of course, there are probably other intelligent species in the universe, but to think that they have anything to do with the Bermuda triangle is completely stupid.


Some things are just not meant to be known. I'm from bermuda and I'm 27 and really am bored with this story, or whatever it may be to you outside world people.

It is what it is. Stop focusing on things that won't be talked about and focus on making the world a better place. The world is about to go missing if this bermuda triangle crap is true! Just shut up about it! 2012 and Bermuda is still there, like the other point of that triangle!


Where are the world scientists? Why have they not solved this mystery? Are you telling me that America doesn't love their citizens who got lost in the Bermuda Triangle? I think something is wrong. Somebody, somewhere is hiding something and I know that there is always a revelation for every secret. One day, I mean one day we will know what it is all about. --alaoma kanu, nigeria


Well, I think this is one of the wonders of the earth. It may be the area is the real garden of Eden. Remember, that after God drove Adam out, he filled it with the two cherubs to look after it. Do you think if that is true that God can allow anyone or anything to enter it?

Why is that the american almighty scientists have not sent drones into it to find out what is all about or is it because there is no oil of interest there?


Every fact was mystery at some stage. Interesting discussion.


Bermuda Triangle: There must be some kinds of secrets that scientists must be hiding. Let's see. Is it a ufo base hidden by the government and military and scientists? They will never let us know. About 30 percent of the truth will be revealed on tv and in the news, and 70 percent will be kept secret.

Look, we've got hi tech satellite computer systems, etc., with us. What does the government do to keep secrets? Let us know, man. If you say I am bluffing, then send some scientists and tv reporters, etc. to do some research in the area. Use your hi tech gadgets to do the research. This is 2011 and we're in an advanced world. You can travel to the moon but why can't you solve the bermuda triangle? Use your brains and don't hide.


i have read and heard a lot of stories about Bermuda triangle. i hope that science will will be able to provide a clear explanation to unravel mystery behind it.


these stories are incredible and at the same time amazing. but may be one day the mystery will be revealed to the world.


when was the last time something disappeared in the triangle?


I know the Bermuda Triangle theory is a mystery but I think I have an idea of why the crashed vessels and aircraft were never recovered. Maybe there was some unknown chemical or something that was extremely corrosive to metals and actually dissolved it all. Now its a pretty far fetched idea but I gave it a shot.


I think Bermuda Triangle is a territory of a very dangerous evil and a very big devil that kills everyone who enters his territory. Maybe the three parts have a name.


I have a theory to explain everything. Now we have two magnetic poles that are very strong, but let's suppose there are three magnetic poles and one is weaker than the other two.

All the planes and ships that have disappeared are metal, so maybe the magnetic pole sucked it under for the bodies to be eaten by sharks. If this theory is true, then it means that there should be four magnetic poles so the fourth must be directly opposite of the Bermuda triangle.


Don't believe official government hogwash: whatever is there is unknown and must be uncovered. This community needs to stay on the case.


Are any ships or aircraft using the route through the Bermuda Triangle in these present days?


i saw on TV that a man in a plane flew near the bermuda triangle and he came across a storm cloud. there was no way to go around it so he had no choice but to go through.

as he entered, he felt a pull, like zero gravity. when he came out of the cloud, he was already at his destination. it should have taken him 3 hours to get there, but it had actually only taken three minutes. like i said, possible black hole he went through. but due to the triangles strong magnetic field on the sea floor, its probably some weird time travel.

the sea floor in the triangle is like a basin. it's just a hole filed with water practically. this story has inspired me to learn more about this mysterious place, and it always will.


i just came up with something -- something stupid though. maybe this has to do with black holes in outer space. there's possibly one near earth right above bermuda triangle, but its invisible or something. yeah, like i said: it's stupid. lol. just brainstorming!


Its quite mysterious and very interesting subject,i hope one day we reveal it and get a perfect theory for the bermuda triangle,(mayank, india).


We're all not sure about this place though. It could be the forces of nature of the forming of the earth. Or maybe if it's true, some type of extraterrestrial life forms live there.

They could be use a type of special magnetism weapon that attracts all material and sucks them in. They take them in and leave them there forever so they can't escape. Because if they do, and if they have proof, the world is about to go loopy and the bermuda triangle is in danger for the aliens --if you know what I mean.


I'm confused why there's not more information on this. with all the interest in this, you'd think that more would have been uncovered by now. ummm, all the people that are saying aliens have something to do with this, why would they focus(if they even exist) on this particular area? and why is it a triangle? what are the three points?


maybe there were megalodons still living there. and aliens who have set up bases there or maybe atlantis is there. there are so many possibilities.


i think it's a thing that sucks you in and you can't remember anything and you can't ever see your family.


It's a secret military base and if someone finds it they kidnap them then they shoot them.


The Bermuda Triangle is the most mysterious thing along with the lost city of Atlantis. I am doing a project and i find it hard to find the right information as there is so much stuff to know!


i have read about the triangle but i did not see that place and have never, ever, see a person who had visited that area. but i want to know about the bermuda triangle.


You all seem to be forgetting the hundreds of thousand of ships and boats which pass through the triangle unscathed. This is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world, and the numbers and science prove that the number of missing boats is completely insignificant in relation to the amount that don't.


maybe it's just crap and they made it and just went in hiding. Huh ever heard of that? Gee. Why don't people talk sense? No doubt Atlantis is crap or maybe it's real but the Bermuda Triangle is not and is most likely rubbish that idiots only believe in. It's just my opinion.

Now don't come after me because I think its crap because I like my life and I don't want to disappear off the face of the earth without a trace. Take that into perspective why don't you? Maybe just read it and see what you think. It might do all you people a favor.


you guys! You guys! It's the path to Atlantis. the fish people must have taken them in. Nobody ever returned because once they saw the treasures Atlantis held, they said "Screw the world, I'm going to stay." it all makes sense.

You guys are saying it's something logical. Everyone knows that's not how the world works. well hopefully when i get enough money to rent a plane, i'll be visiting atlantis too. cheers my friends, see you in Atlantis.


it's a quite mysterious and interesting topic.


how many ufo sightings have there been reported in the triangle? and are there people who have seen ghost ships and came out alive to tell about what they saw?


OK we can say that these disappearances can cause of any technical or human error or may be any natural incident, but how can it possible that even not any signals can cross over this region? what could be the reason behind this?


Its an interesting topic to deal with,

with unending conversation. What exactly is this? Nobody knows. After reading some of the comments, it's very strange people joined it with some unidentified object like aliens. Do aliens move around in foreign countries? i have never seen them in India. I think it's rubbish.

This place is a mystery. Lots of research is going on. Let's hope we get the answer very soon. Pallavi.


OK so this article contains information that the bermuda triangle (water) contains methane gas, and could not support the weight of a naval ship. questionable yes, but none the less completely understandable. But i don’t however understand this "magnetic" theory. so you mean to tell me that the bermuda triangle is magnetic? What? someone please enlighten me on this? :)


Who knows? If you don't see god does that make him a mythical being?


Oh people and their silly conspiracy theories. I went to Bermuda and nothing was mentioned about the Triangle at all except in gift shops and a little square in a museum. It said that the Bermuda Triangle is a myth created from ignorance, the disappearances are from a combination of swirling sea currents, erratic magnetic fields, and dangerous, craggy, coral beds. Ships got snagged and sank. The reason none of them have been recovered is probably because there on the dang sea floor! There was even a ship that "tripped" over its own anchor and sank. Anon#6, I think someone needs to explain time zones a little better to you. I can understand the confusion. :)


maybe people go down there to escape school.


Since my childhood i have been concerned about it, as the article says. it's by chance and due to physical and magnetic reasons could be responsible for the accidents.

But science today has gone so high and researches are going on and on. this mystery too must be solved, and added to the geography study so that the coming generations can be sure about the past and their reasons whatsoever it could be. --khan iqbal akhtar,india.


well in this article and many others say that searches have been made but no planes or ships have been recovered. i was listening to the george noory show awhile back and a radio control tower came in contact with a 1950's plane that crashed landed in 2008. maybe the triangle is a teleport to time travel or even to jump across the universe. it's amazing for us to even be standing here today. what makes time travel so crazy?


I have done research on aliens and for some reason a lot of ufo sightings have been ufos in the shape of a triangle. Could it be possible that the disappearances have had to do with aliens?


The bermuda triangle is pretty scary... Has anyone ever tried to actually go to the bottom of this part of the sea and maybe find some of the planes/boats that have been lost down there? Or is everyone scared that if they go out there they would never be seen again.


is the air france thing connected to the bermuda triangle?


Could it not just be possible that it is that deep that when the storm started the boat/ planes sank and that is why they have never found them, it was maybe *so deep* that no human or piece of equipment could reach the bottom?

I personally don't believe there is a monster or alien, but it could just be a rough patch of sea, and a coincidence that the plane ran out of petrol at that exact point.


I think the concept of the other time zone comes into the picture here. It might be possible that the ships and the flights disappearing here go to the other time zone.


do you believe in the Bermuda triangle?


I've read about the bermuda triangle in some books. but i'm sure this theory could be possible:

There is a magnetic field under the sea, that's why the compasses went haywire.


could it be that there is a monster in the bermuda triangle?


Maybe they got lost because the sea is BIG!! They had no idea how far they've gone....


Since i was a child i'm very curious about the mystery of flying objects and extra terrestrial encounters, could it be possible that this stuff can be one of the reasons of the Bermuda triangle mystery? Could it be one of the reasons for the disappearances of ships and air crafts that the remains was never been recovered?

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    • The Bermuda Triangle is located off of the Southeastern coast of the U.S.
      By: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
      The Bermuda Triangle is located off of the Southeastern coast of the U.S.
    • San Juan, Puerto Rico, is one of the vertices of the Bermuda Triangle.
      By: bogdanserban
      San Juan, Puerto Rico, is one of the vertices of the Bermuda Triangle.
    • The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle may never be solved.
      By: Galyna Andrushko
      The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle may never be solved.
    • Many of the incidents that have inspired the legend of the Bermuda Triangle have involved missing person reports, such as that of Donald Crowhurst, that have come up empty even after Coast Guard searches.
      Many of the incidents that have inspired the legend of the Bermuda Triangle have involved missing person reports, such as that of Donald Crowhurst, that have come up empty even after Coast Guard searches.