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What Country is Dubai in?

Dubai is a vibrant city located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a nation known for its opulent lifestyle and cutting-edge architecture. As a global hub of culture and commerce, Dubai exemplifies the UAE's rapid development. What wonders might you uncover in this desert metropolis? Explore the heart of Dubai's allure with us.
Adam Hill
Adam Hill

The city of Dubai is located in the Persian Gulf nation known as the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The UAE consists of seven different emirates or principalities, the largest of which contains the capital city, Abu Dhabi. The UAE is an Islamic nation, where the religion of Islam is heavily integrated into the governments of each emirate. Dubai is the most populous city in the UAE, with over 2 million inhabitants. Unlike many other places in the Middle East, petroleum and energy only represent a small percentage of the city's revenues, and it is known instead for its real estate and financial services industries, as well as tourism and trade.

The city has attracted attention from the whole world because of its bold and innovative real estate projects. Most notable among these is the construction of the Burj DubaiArabic for “Dubai Tower” — which is billed as the world’s tallest man-made structure, at nearly twice the height of New York City’s Empire State Building. This building is rumored to have undergone several increases in its planned height since its inception. It is constructed of steel and reinforced concrete.

The Burj Khalifa is a skyscraper in Dubai that has a height of 2,722 ft (830 m).
The Burj Khalifa is a skyscraper in Dubai that has a height of 2,722 ft (830 m).

Little is known about the emirate's origins, but it has long been an important location because of its geographical proximity to trade routes leading to and from India. Only in the latter part of the 20th century did it start on its way to becoming the important economic center that it is now. Electricity and telephone services, as well as aviation, were established there in the 1950s. The discovery of oil there in 1966 led to a 300% population increase over the next decade.

On 2 December 1971, the emirate joined with six other Arab emirates to form the UAE. In 1973, a uniform currency was adopted. Latent hostility from border disputes with Abu Dhabi was settled in 1979 when a formal compromise was reached.

The Burj al Arab is an iconic hotel on the waterfront in Dubai.
The Burj al Arab is an iconic hotel on the waterfront in Dubai.

Dubai has a very hot climate, which is sometimes accompanied by humidity. The warmest month on average is August, with an average high temperature of 106°F (41.3°C). It lies directly within the Arabian Desert, and the landscape is dominated by sand, with wild grasses and some palm trees. Although the official language is Arabic, English is widely spoken and understood in the city. Islam is the official state religion, but non-Muslim groups are permitted to worship and own houses of worship in there, subject to certain conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What country is Dubai a part of?

Palm Islands in Dubai.
Palm Islands in Dubai.

Dubai is a city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a country located on the Arabian Peninsula. The UAE is a federation of seven emirates, with Dubai being the most populous and well-known among them. It is renowned for its ultramodern architecture, luxury shopping, and vibrant nightlife scene.

Is Dubai a city or a country?

Dubai is a city within the United Arab Emirates, not a separate country. It is one of the seven emirates that make up the country, each governed by its own monarchy, with Dubai's ruler also serving as the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE.

What is the political system of the country Dubai is in?

Skyscrapers in Dubai.
Skyscrapers in Dubai.

The United Arab Emirates, the country that Dubai is part of, operates under a federal absolute monarchy. It is a federation of seven emirates, each ruled by its own monarch. Among these, the rulers of Abu Dhabi and Dubai hold significant power, with the former serving as the President and the latter as the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE.

How does Dubai contribute to the economy of its country?

A map of the Middle East, including Dubai.
A map of the Middle East, including Dubai.

Dubai plays a critical role in the economy of the United Arab Emirates. It is a global business hub and contributes significantly through various sectors such as trade, tourism, aviation, real estate, and financial services. According to the Dubai Statistics Center, Dubai's GDP reached approximately 389 billion AED in 2018, indicating its substantial economic impact within the UAE.

Can you visit Dubai with a United Arab Emirates visa?

Islam is the official state religion of Dubai.
Islam is the official state religion of Dubai.

Yes, you can visit Dubai with a United Arab Emirates visa. Since Dubai is an emirate within the UAE, a visa to enter the country is valid for all its emirates, including Dubai. Tourists can apply for various types of visas depending on the duration and purpose of their stay.

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Discussion Comments


Dubai is a place where that really fancy resort is. It's in the United Arab Emirates, it's not its own country.


All people gossip about Dubai and say that people are rude, etc., but I've been there and I've made a lot of friends from the Emirates. In fact, I met a princess (or a ''sheika'' as they call them). She was so nice and invited me over for dinner. It did truly open my eyes to all the lies and criticism about Islam and Arabs.


@ZipLine-- Dubai is an interesting place. I think UAE is not so strict about Dubai since it's a very touristic locale. And there are a lot of foreigners working in Dubai. So there are a lot of non-Muslims there. For that reason, I think UAE has to be accommodating to non-Muslims, since without them Dubai wouldn't thrive as much.

I'm also looking at Dubai jobs and I'm not Muslim. If I do end up moving there for a couple of years, I think I will fit in just fine.

Anyone here actually living and working in Dubai?


It's hard to believe that Dubai is in UAE and UAE is an Islamic country. I have friends who've been to Dubai and they were telling me that they went to clubs and had a lot of fun there.

How can that be if Dubai is a part of an Islamic nation?


The transformation of Dubai in just ten years is amazing. I saw a picture of a street in Dubai in the early 1990s and then the same street in early 2000s and couldn't believe my eyes! It's towers and highways everywhere!

Dubai is growing faster than China and most of the new construction was completed in just five years! I don't know if any other city in the world could keep up with it. After the palm tree islands which can be seen from space, there is news of a new project of 300 new islands. And wait till you hear this, when it's completed, the islands are going to look like the map of the earth!

I think the architects of Dubai are having the time of their life! I can't wait to see it honestly.


I have heard a lot of good things about Dubai, but I have also heard a lot of criticisms.

Some Muslims are frustrated with the way Dubai is. They feel that the city is really not suited for a Muslim way of life because of its strong entertainment sector and tourism. Apparently, you can find a bar next to a mosque and next to another bar. Since alcohol is not allowed in Islam, I think it bothers some Muslims that such an important city like Dubai is this way.

Another criticism I have heard about Dubai is the way in which the palm islands were constructed. These islands were made by filling in sea water to create more land. Some experts say that these islands are not suitable for residents. They think that the island might go underwater in the future and is a big risk for people living there.

The last criticism I've heard, which is probably the most serious is claims about exploitation of workers in Dubai. Most of them are foreign, as others have mentioned. They apparently live in large slums with horrible conditions and are overworked for minimum wages. Actually many of these workers are not complaining because they go to Dubai from very poor villages in India and elsewhere where there is no work. They are able to support their families with the money they make in Dubai. But the claims about exploitation of both foreign construction workers and foreign house maids are pretty strong.


I have several friends who work in Dubai. The employment sector is pretty large there, so I think people from all around the world go to Dubai to work. Most of my friends there work in management, marketing or business sector. But I know that it is also a huge center for construction work and a lot of workers from Southeast Asia go to work there.

I have heard Dubai described as a really different place, sort of like a wonderland. It has huge malls, beaches, entertainment centers. It's very developed too. TV showed just the other day that they have air conditioned bus stops for people, which I think is absolutely fantastic. They also have a huge ski resort (yes, a ski resort in Dubai!), where people can walk inside from over 100 degrees heat into snow, put on snow costumes and ski.

I would love to go and see it sometime. I think it will be a memory of a lifetime.

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    • The Burj Khalifa is a skyscraper in Dubai that has a height of 2,722 ft (830 m).
      By: The Photos
      The Burj Khalifa is a skyscraper in Dubai that has a height of 2,722 ft (830 m).
    • The Burj al Arab is an iconic hotel on the waterfront in Dubai.
      The Burj al Arab is an iconic hotel on the waterfront in Dubai.
    • Palm Islands in Dubai.
      By: Haider Yousuf
      Palm Islands in Dubai.
    • Skyscrapers in Dubai.
      By: ChantalS
      Skyscrapers in Dubai.
    • A map of the Middle East, including Dubai.
      By: TRITOOTH
      A map of the Middle East, including Dubai.
    • Islam is the official state religion of Dubai.
      By: Aleksandar Todorovic
      Islam is the official state religion of Dubai.