Is Postage Glue Kosher in Israel?

Postage stamp glue is kosher in Israel because the country’s population is mostly Jewish. "Kosher" is a term that refers to the dietary laws of the Jewish religion concerning how foods — especially meat — are prepared, inspected and processed. Israel was founded in 1948, and its Jewish population has grown to about 80% of the country’s total population, and more than 60% of Israeli Jews say they keep their diet within kosher guidelines. Israeli dairy cows also eat kosher during the Jewish holiday of Passover; instead of eating grains, cows in Israel eat beans and hummus during the holiday.

More about kosher items:

  • It is estimated that 40% of the products in US grocery stores are certified kosher, and 80% of the consumers of these products are actually not Jewish.

  • Kosher products bring in about $100 billion US Dollars of revenue each year worldwide.

  • Many food companies from countries with historically low Jewish populations produce kosher items, such as Yucatan guacamole, Japanese soy sauce and Mexican ice cream.
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Because I am not Jewish myself, I am not quite familiar with some of the traditions that normally go on. However, this article is very informative, and has given me some great insight. While the Kosher guidelines do seem pretty strict, I'm sure that one of the only reasons why it's unusual to foreigners is because they haven't practiced that tradition before, myself included.

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