How Many Countries Have Been Invaded by Great Britain?

According to researchers, people from Great Britain have invaded 90% of all countries at some point in time. In fact, only 22 current countries have never been invaded by Great Britain, including Luxembourg, Mali and Sweden. Not all of these invasions were by Britain's military. The 90% figure includes government-approved attacks and raids by explorers or pirates. Some of the invasions took place before Great Britain was a unified country, and some of the invaders were Roman soldiers in Britain.

More about countries being invaded by Great Britain:

  • Cuba was invaded by Great Britain in 1741, but the British military was forced to withdraw because of disease and other complications.

  • Great Britain has invaded France more times than it has invaded any other country.

  • British soldiers invaded Iceland in 1940.

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Mali: Check.


History is our common treasure. This one is not about arguing because facts are facts.

Now I see why they are advanced over others in so many aspects.


Uncle Sam refers to the United States and not the UK!


Is this an attempt to prove that, with about 5,000 bases in over 150 (out of 190) countries, Uncle Sam is "not that bad a guy"? "...some of the invaders were Roman soldiers in Britain."

What a sad argument!

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