How Many Bathrooms Does Buckingham Palace Have?

England’s Buckingham Palace is the official home of the Queen, and the 775 room palace has 78 bathrooms. It was originally constructed in 1703 as a house for Duke of Buckingham, but was not constructed into a royal palace until 1820 for King George IV. Buckingham Palace’s total area is 828,821 square feet (77,000 sq m) and stands 78 feet (24 m) high. Two hundred and forty of the rooms in Buckingham Palace are bedrooms (52 for Royal Family members and guests, and 188 for live-in staff). The palace contains 760 windows and 1,514 doors, and includes a chapel, cinema, swimming pool, and even its own post office.

More about Buckingham Palace :

  • The lot for which Buckingham Palace was built was originally a mulberry garden created by King James I in the early 1600s for the intentions of rearing silkworms.
  • Over 800 people work as staff at Buckingham Palace, including an official clockmaker—the palace is home to over 350 clocks and watches, one of the largest collections in the world.
  • Buckingham Palace’s 40 acre garden contains over 350 types of wild flowers and 30 different species of birds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many bathrooms are there in Buckingham Palace?

According to the information available on Cultural World, Buckingham Palace boasts a staggering 78 bathrooms. This number serves the needs of the royal family, their guests, and the numerous staff members who work within the palace. The ample facilities ensure that the palace can accommodate large events and state functions without any logistical issues related to amenities.

Can visitors use the bathrooms at Buckingham Palace?

While Buckingham Palace is a private residence, certain areas are open to the public during the summer months when the Queen is not in residence. Visitors on these tours have access to restrooms specifically designated for public use, separate from the 78 private bathrooms used by the royal family and palace staff.

Are the bathrooms in Buckingham Palace ornately decorated?

Buckingham Palace is known for its opulent design and the bathrooms are no exception. While there is limited public information on the private bathrooms' decor, it is reasonable to assume that they are appointed with high-quality fixtures and finishes befitting the overall grandeur of the royal residence. Public restrooms available during tours are also well-maintained and fit for the palace setting.

How does the number of bathrooms in Buckingham Palace compare to other royal residences?

Buckingham Palace, with its 78 bathrooms, is one of the largest of the royal residences. In comparison, Windsor Castle, another official residence of the Queen, is reported to have significantly fewer facilities. The number of bathrooms in Buckingham Palace reflects its status as the administrative headquarters of the Monarch and a venue for official events and state functions.

Has Buckingham Palace always had this many bathrooms?

The exact historical progression of bathroom installations in Buckingham Palace is not well-documented in public records. However, it is known that the palace has undergone numerous renovations and modernizations since its construction in the 1700s. It is likely that the number of bathrooms has increased over time to accommodate the evolving needs of the royal family and the functions held at the palace.

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@Euroxati - This is just my guess, but you may be right in the sense that kings and queens didn't even have to work. After all, they were the ones who were ruling over the country, correct?

Because of this, their "job" was to rule, and aside from that, nothing else. Using one example, let's look at the President of the United States.

While it's unknown how much he gets paid, he doesn't have a specific "job" like most middle class people do.

Most presidents are busy every second of every day, and that's more then enough to keep them occupied with what they need to do.

After all, they're in charge of an entire country, and they have the weight of the world on their shoulders.

However, as for people who aren't rulers of a nation or country, one way in which they're able to own a fancy place is if they're a billionaire or, they have a job that pays tons of cash.

Mansions and palaces are extremely expensive, and there would be no way to pay for it otherwise.


While the Buckingham Palace does sound like an amazing place to live, when someone owns a really fancy establishment (such as in this case), I wonder how they're able to afford all of it in the first place.

After all, while it's highly possible that many jobs from years ago didn't exist yet, people were still working to earn a living.

Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but perhaps it's possible that the kings and queens didn't get paid, and didn't have to work. After all, they were the ones giving the orders. Could someone possibly fill me in?


Wow! I've never been to the Buckingham Palace before, but it sure sounds like a very expensive and fancy place, especially considering that it has 778 bathrooms.

The funny thing is that until reading this article, most people probably don't even associate bathrooms with fanciness, especially if they're used to going into those disgusting public ones.

However, from reading all of this information, not only is it easy to see that bathrooms can be quite fancy, but even more so, they can be private as well.

Hopefully I'm not going off topic, but I would like to add that, I think one reason why bathrooms can become so filthy (especially in public) is because they're open to anyone, and are used by everyone.

However, when one has their own, there are certain rules are regulations that one doesn't see often, if that makes sense. The Buckingham Palace sure sounds like an amazing place to live, and I would sure love to visit there someday.

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