Are There More Pigs than Humans in Denmark?

There are more pigs than humans in Denmark – the country’s human population is an estimated 5.4 million, compared to its pig population of around 24 million. Due to its high amount of pig livestock, Denmark is the leading exporter of pork in the world. From the 1980s through the 2000s, the number of pigs in the country doubled, while the number of pig farms decreased by nearly 80%, with the remaining farms growing in physical size. The amount of slurry produced at Denmark’s pig farms is estimated to be able to fill the equivalent of 90,000 swimming pools every year.

More about the world’s livestock population:

  • Chickens are the most populous livestock in the world, at an estimated three chickens for every one person on Earth.
  • There are over seven sheep for every one person living in New Zealand. The country also has one of the highest cattle rates, at around 2.3 cows per person.
  • China is the country with the highest numbers of livestock, leading the world’s total livestock populations for cattle, sheep, and pigs.
More Info: The Economist

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